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  Welcome Jobseekers!    

  Welcome Lovely Jobseekers! are you a:

 Recent Grad or Post Graduate?
 Junior, Senior Manager or Executive?
 Returning to work?
 Freelancer or Self-Employed?
 Mature Worker?
 Want to start your own business?

Then look no further because whatever your current employment status is we have lots of jobs listed, something for everyone. We have:

 Permanent jobs
 Fixed-term contracts
 Short-term contracts
 Student jobs
 Holiday work
 Temporary jobs

Jobseekers find your Dream Job! today you can:

1. Create your FREE account
2. Create an online CV/Résumé with OnlineJobZone.com
3. Upload your own CV/Résumé stored on your computer
  Let Employers & Recruiters find you Now!.............Create your online CV/Résumé or upload your own CV/Résumé
Access your Jobseekers Account anytime you like!
  You are in total control of your Jobseekers account which you can access anytime you like 24/7.
Create your online CV/Résumé
  Creating your online CV/Résumé with OnlineJobZone.com is really quick and easy to do. You can edit or update your information anytime you like and publish it when you are ready.
Upload your own CV/Résumé in different formats
  You can post your CV/Résumé to your Jobseekers account in 3 different formats i.e:
♦ as a Word document (.doc)
♦ as an Adobe document (.pdf)
♦ as a Text file (.txt)
You can also attach your own uploaded CV/Résumé to your online CV/Résumé if you wish.
Keep online CV/Résumé confidential
  Your CV/Résumé information can remain confidential and hidden from Employers & Recruiters when they are searching for Jobseekers CV/Résumés. But you can still use your online CV/Résumé to apply for jobs that you have selected.
Keep your contact information confidential
  Your contact information can remain confidential. So information such as your home address, email address, telephone no. or your location can be hidden from Employers & Recruiters when they are viewing your CV/Résumé.
Search for jobs and apply online
  You can search our jobs database in to ways:
♦ You can conduct a quick search by either typing a keyword in the search box and pressing the search button or by just pressing the search button
♦ You can carry out a more detailed search by clicking on the "Advanced Search" Link and entering specific information such as job category, location or salary etc. You can apply for jobs that interest you immediately if have uploaded or created your CV/Résumé on our job website: OnlineJobZone.com
Receive Jobs by Email
  You can receive job alerts daily or weekly. You will receive details of jobs matching your job industry or your CV/Résumé by email.
Your own Jobseekers account statistics
  Your account activity is updated in real time. This means that you can view:
♦ The number of times your CV/Résumé has been viewed by Employers & Recruiters
♦ The number of times your contact information has been viewed by Employers & Recruiters
♦ The number of times your CV/Résumé has been downloaded by Employers & Recruiters
♦ The number of job applications you have made
Your Message Inbox
  Your message inbox has many features designed to put you in control. Your job applications and response messages from Employers & Recruiters are received and stored in your inbox. You can view this information in addtion to contact messages that you have sent to prospective Employers or Recruiters. By using the block/unblock feature, you can decide which Employers or Recruiters you would like to receive contact from.
Your own jobs Hot List!
  You can create a jobs hot list by saving your chosen or favourite jobs while searching our jobs database and reviewing them later...at a time that suits you.
Delete your Account
  You may delete your account anytime you wish. But please remember that once you delete your Jobseekers Account you will not be able to apply for jobs online through OnlineJobzone.com or receive the latest jobs by email or messages from Employers or Recruiters. This is because all of your personal, contact and login information, in addition to any CV/Résumé posted by you will be deleted. So please be sure.
  Jobs............Jobs.............Jobs! GREAT JOBS!.....DREAM JOBS! are not found in Heaven but on Earth find them today! at OnlineJobZone.com

Jobseekers: Click Here Now! for your FREE account and find your Dream Job Today!!
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